More than a Blockchain Node Platform Provider

We are the strong and leading Node Service Provider and with the ability to develop and maintain blockchain.
We believe Blockchain technology has the potential to dethrone concentrated wealth and power. We provide and secure the underlying digital highway of the blockchain.
We have experienced in IT technology, high load solutions, security and privacy over 20 years.

Our Mission

Our mission is to secure top (D)PoS blockchains with reliable infrastructure and to build a global community equipped with the tools and resources to thrive. We’re committed to leading and contributing to projects that add value to the ecosystem. To foster the mass adoption of the blockchain by engaging with enterprise and institutions to help them realize the potential of this powerful technology. Full adoption will only come when people find using the blockchain simple and easy, and when real-world institutions trust in the long-term benefits and integrity of the system. 

Our Technology & Infrastructure

Our nodes are divided on multiple locations all over Korea and we implement two different load balancers with DDoS protection capable of handling network load at scale while simultaneously identifying bad actors. This allows us to scale out the hosts behind the load balancers with no change to the endpoints which connect to our infrastructure.
One producing node and multiple fully redundant backups in a fail-over model comprise our core layer.
A variety of different bare metal or cloud infrastructures and technologies are used to provide an easy-to-use platform for the users while maintaining the path of least resistance for development.